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A recent study in the UK has found that addressing the oral health needs of diabetics immediately after diagnosis can lead to substantial savings in later medical treatment. The research analysed data from 15 000 adults diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and found that those who sought treatment immediately after diagnosis, created savings equivalent to $2930AUD, over the following two years. We know there is a significant link between oral health and systemic health, and it was very obvious when the study looked at oral treatment performed on diabetic patients. Gum disease is one of the most common links and uncontrolled it can potentially lead to tooth loss. As gum disease becomes more unstable, blood sugars increase leading to an increased risk of diabetic complications. So addressing your oral health needs as soon as possible is better for your long term systemic health. Cleaning the teeth can be simple or sometimes more complex and these days we have the technology to make it far more comfortable.

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