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National Nutrition Week is run every year by Nutrition Australia, aiming to improve our knowledge of healthy eating.  Health surveys are showing that less than 1 in 10 Australians eat enough veges and only half eat enough fruit.  An astonishing one third of Australians daily energy comes from biscuits, cakes, confectionary, fried foods , chips alcohol and sugary drinks.  Many of these foods are also contributing to the increasing amount of decay found in children’s teeth.

Many snacks marketed as “healthy” are high in sugar.  These may include: dried fruit juice, muesli bars, crackers, children’s cereals, flavoured mild, sweetened yoghurt, fruit bars and slice, flavoured popcorn, canned fruit, baked goods and banana bread.  All of these will increase acid attack on children’s teeth.

Sugary foods should only be consumed in moderation.  Healthy teeth and a healthy body starts with healthy eating.  So jump onto the Nutrition Australia Website this week and try the healthy eating challenge menu plan.

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