time2switch your Private Health Insurance

How much are you getting back from your Private Health Fund?

Time to Switch is the new campaign launched by the Australian Dental Association in an effort to create more transparency with Private Health Insurance. We are often asked about health insurance rebates, and how much will they pay? The rebates are so different from patient to patient varying from 20% rebate up to 90% rebate.

So the question that needs to be answered is do you have the right kind of policy, particularly when it comes to extras cover? To figure this out can be a near impossible exercise. Websites that compare insurance policies are generally based on commissions the insurance companies pay to the websites and are also dependent on which health funds participate with the website.

According to the ACCC there are over 20 000 policies in the market place with inconsistent restrictions and exemptions making it near impossible to compare policies.

Private Health Insurers have been granted another premium increase this year. At the same time that premiums have been going up the dental extras rebates that you receive have been going down. If you are unhappy with the way your Private Health Insurer has been treating you, then go to time2switch. You can compare your policy, make a complaint or choose a new policy. The resources are incredibly thorough and worth a visit.

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