It is the time of year for resolutions yet again.  We receive and read  lots of ideas to improve our fitness, health, finances and life, but what about our teeth?
At the end of 2014 we may have consumed lots of Christmas cake, soft drink, wine and beer, subjecting our teeth to daily acid attack and mineral loss.  2015 brings about the need to replace these minerals and strengthen our teeth again.  So as well as starting on your intense fitness programme, it is time to start on some “intense toothpaste therapy”.

A lot of research goes into toothpastes backed by Colgate, Oral B and many other companies hoping to promote their products.  And lucky for us, toothpaste is readily affordable and easy to use.  There are two toothpastes that I highly recommend as mineral replacement therapy for your teeth.

Tooth Mousse by GC which contains readily available calcium and phosphate to replace the lost minerals in your teeth.

Neutrafleur 5000 by Colgate is designed to strengthen the enamel in individuals at high risk of tooth decay.

Using one or both of these products, we have the capacity to now convert you from an individual who gets a lot of holes in their teeth to one who simply enjoys a regular check and clean with minimal  if any fillings.

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