Following on from my previous blog on erosion, by now you should have had a chance to identify what is causing the acidic destruction of your teeth.  No doubt you can hardly wait to find out what to do about it.  Below are some tips to help you protect your teeth and change the pattern of destruction:

Drink plenty of water.  Increase water intake to 8 glasses per day.

Modify your diet and eliminate or moderate intake of acidic drinks and foods.

Brush and floss twice daily.  Or 3 times daily with a high fluoride toothpaste if erosion is occurring with a high decay rate.

Use a calcium and phosphate containing toothpaste available online or at your dentist (eg: Tooth Mousse or Clinpro) morning and night after brushing and do not rinse off.
Rinse with a baking soda mouth rinse (one teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water) before and after meals.

Chew sugar free gum between meals.

Avoid alcohol and spicy foods in the evenings.

Oral dry mouth gel can be helpful if you suffer dry mouth and is available at the pharmacy.

Obviously changing your diet is the best thing you can do.  If your erosion is not diet related however and due to medication or systemic disease then this can be more difficult.  However if you adopt the above regime as a whole you will help to improve your oral environment, and decrease the loss of valuable enamel and dentine.

So get started today and on track to keeping your teeth for life.

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